Multiple gunshots rattle NE Denver neighborhood-couple almost hit 03/04/17

A bullet hole with a crime lab sticker is seen in a pickup truck window. Photo by Shane Anthony

03/04/17 Denver, CO – Gunfire erupted in North East Denver this evening across a several block area.  Nobody was reported hit in the incidents but one young couple had an exceptionally close call.  Numerous 911 reports of multiple gunshots being fired came in around 8PM on this date in the vicinity of E. 36th Ave. and N. Vine Street.  Police were busy blocking off intersections and investigating the shots fired in that neighborhood when a young couple driving their pickup truck was struck by bullets just south of there near Bruce Randolph and N. High Street.  The pickup was being driven by a 18 year old man  with his 19 year old girlfriend riding in the passenger seat.  According to the couple a man on foot emerged from the shadows and fired at their truck as they were driving to get a pizza.  Bullets shattered their passenger window and ripped just inches behind the young woman’s head punching a hole in her seat headrest.  The young man and woman were thankfully uninjured.  This reporter overheard a uniformed patrol cop tell the young woman that someone was looking over the couple this evening as the headrest bullet struck dangerously close to her.  Another neighbor named Jason told us that some residents reported hearing up to 40 gunshots during the shooting incidents including at least one really loud sound that he described as “Ka-Bam”!  No suspect info was made available to as of this posting.  Shane Anthony reporting

A Denver crime lab technician photographs a pickup with bullet holes in it. Photo by Shane Anthony
A pickup headrest has bullet holes ripped in it from gunfire. Photo by Shane Anthony
A 19 year old woman (far right) who was almost struck by gunfire looks on at the truck she was riding in. Photo by Shane Anthony

Below is an exclusive slideshow of the shooting incident that almost struck a young couple in their pickup truck.  Photos by Shane Anthony

Armed woman forces closure of I-70 near Agate CO 03/03/17

Map of I-70 near Agate CO –  Map courtesy Google Maps

03/03/17 Agate, CO – An armed woman exchanged gunfire with police officers in a dramatic standoff on this date on I-70 near Agate, CO.  The woman who was identified as 26 year old Jasmine Faith Delores Johnson held up in a car near I-70 mile marker 340 (between Deer Trail and Limon) after making threats to kill cops according to the Arapahoe County DA.  The standoff lasted about 3 hours as cops from numerous agencies moved in and surrounded the suspect in the car.  At numerous points during the standoff scanner radio traffic reported the suspect taking “pot shots” at law enforcement.   Shots were exchanged between the woman and cops during the incident but nobody was hit.  Armored “Bear Cat” vehicles were deployed to keep cops safe during the operation.  The incident ended with Johnson being taken into custody.  Johnson is being held without bond in Arapahoe County on an an unrelated previous warrant.  Shane Anthony reporting

A police roadblock near Deer Trail CO closes I-7O due to an armed standoff. Photo by Shane Anthony
I-70 is closed near Deer Trail CO due to an armed woman on the Interstate. Photo by Shane Anthony