July 2019 Denver Police Radios Go Dark

Police Scanner, photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

07/29/19 Denver, CO –

The end of July in Denver marked the end of an era in police monitoring as Denver PD made the switch to fully encrypted police radio transmissions.  As a scanner enthusiast of several decades, I state it is with extreme sadness and disappointment that I mark this somber scanner monitoring occasion.  The Denver Police Department, and Chief Paul Pazen made the switch the last week after lengthy radio testing stating that the encrypted radios would make for safer police work in Denver.  Arguments for and against encryption raged over the last few months with the chief adversary of complete encryption being the Denver News Media.  DPD proposed monitoring radios to the Media at a cost of over $4,000. per radio but only if the Media agreed to a lengthy and complicated monitoring agreement which was drafted by the Denver City Attorney’s office.  To date, none of the Denver Media (including ColoradoNews1.com, the major television stations and the Denver Post) has signed the agreement, which essentially leaves the Media (and therefore the public) in the dark.  DPD says the new encrypted radios will keep officers safer, prevent criminals from monitoring police activity, and keep sensitive victim information off the public air waves.  Opponents, including the Media, fear the new radios, which are secretive in real time, will hinder the ability to keep the public informed of dynamic and rapidly changing news incidents.  Denver PD will still make audio clips of newsworthy incidents available via open records requests however, the audio tapes will not be available in real time to the Media or the public.

Denver Police File Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

As a lifetime scanner buff, this news comes a serious disappointment to me.  I am pro law enforcement and I believe officer and public safety come first, but I also fear this move which encrypts all police traffic will severely hinder the professional Media’s ability to adequately serve the public and will keep the public in the dark of general police activity and behavior.  The Denver Fire Department encrypted all of its radio traffic with the exception of the Fire Station Vocal alarm last Spring citing compatibly concerns with Denver PD.  What this means to the public in practical terms is: no more monitoring of Public Safety in Denver.  The public will have to rely in great part now on Social Media alerts from Denver Police and Fire.  We at ColoradoNews1.com will do our very best to keep you informed of Denver incidents, but you are likely to see a slowdown of incidents and information of such posted here or elsewhere in the Denver Media from this point forward.  Shane Anthony reporting, ColoradoNews1.com


Barricaded armed suspect calls for large Aurora Police response 03/06/19

Aurora Police arrest a man who barricade himself today on South Ouray St. Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

03/06/19 Aurora, CO – A man who police say was armed and was wanted on  felony warrants barricaded himself in a house located in the 900 block of S. Ouray Street for the entire day today.  The incident took place near the intersection of E. Kentucky Ave. and S. Buckley Road.  Neighbors state that the police descended on the house around 9AM this morning.  Aurora Police pulled out all of the tactical stops on this one leaving nothing to chance.  A large mobile command vehicle was parked at the scene.  An armored police tactical vehicle could be seen in front of the house in which the suspect was barricaded.  This reporter noted dozens of cops of every type scurrying around the house in question.  Aurora Fire Rescue had a large presence on the scene as well with several fire trucks, ambulances and supervisors staged in close proximity to the suspect house.  I also noticed where a vehicle had driven into a wooden fence bordering the house on the  Buckley Road side of the residence.  Neighbors were amazed at the extremely heavy police turn out.  One neighbor told me he heard “popping sounds” and saw smoke coming from the house at one point.  Police tell us that was likely tear gas being introduced to the house.  Area residents were instructed in an APD Tweet to “shelter in place” for the majority of the day.

A barricade suspect speaks with Aurora cops after being taken into custody on South Ouray Street. Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Around 5PM police escorted a man out of the house in obvious custody.  That suspect, who Aurora police identify as 32 year old Travis John Fancher was walked to a crowd of officers and was then garbed in a white paper smock and paper booties.  Fancher was then escorted to an awaiting police car and taken to jail.  Aurora Police stated in another Tweet after the arrest that Fancher was arrested on warrants for “dangerous drugs and vehicular eluding”.  They further stated that he would face additional charges in regards to today’s standoff.  No injuries occurred to the Public or officers during today’s ordeal.  Hats off to APD and AFD for bringing this situation to a safe conclusion today.  Shane Anthony reporting for ColoradoNews1.com

Below is a slideshow of today’s dramatic standoff and arrest scene.  Exclusive photos by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Denver K9 Cops snag burglary suspect at Ebert Elementary School 03/06/17

03/06/17 Denver, CO – Denver District 6 cops and K9 officers apprehended a late night burglary suspect on this date at the Polaris at Ebert Elementary School located at 410 Park Ave. West.  The call came in around 10:15 Sunday night.  Denver Public Schools security was receiving multiple alarms from inside the school.  DPS officers and Denver District 6 cops surrounded the school building at Park Ave. West and Tremont St. with their red and blue lights flashing in against the darkness.  Denver K9 officers (and their handlers) were called to the scene once a police parameter was secured.  Around 12:30AM (Monday) the police dogs made contact (literally) with the male burglary suspect inside the school.  The suspect was escorted out of the school in handcuffs and was walked to a Denver Health ambulance for treatment of bites from at least 1 police dog.  No other info is available as of this posting.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

The Ebert Elementary School burglary suspect is escorted to a waiting ambulance by Denver cops and paramedics. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Below scenes from a late night break in that occurred at the Polaris at Ebert Elementary School in Downtown Denver.  Photos by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Multiple gunshots rattle NE Denver neighborhood-couple almost hit 03/04/17

A bullet hole with a crime lab sticker is seen in a pickup truck window. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

03/04/17 Denver, CO – Gunfire erupted in North East Denver this evening across a several block area.  Nobody was reported hit in the incidents but one young couple had an exceptionally close call.  Numerous 911 reports of multiple gunshots being fired came in around 8PM on this date in the vicinity of E. 36th Ave. and N. Vine Street.  Police were busy blocking off intersections and investigating the shots fired in that neighborhood when a young couple driving their pickup truck was struck by bullets just south of there near Bruce Randolph and N. High Street.  The pickup was being driven by a 18 year old man  with his 19 year old girlfriend riding in the passenger seat.  According to the couple a man on foot emerged from the shadows and fired at their truck as they were driving to get a pizza.  Bullets shattered their passenger window and ripped just inches behind the young woman’s head punching a hole in her seat headrest.  The young man and woman were thankfully uninjured.  This reporter overheard a uniformed patrol cop tell the young woman that someone was looking over the couple this evening as the headrest bullet struck dangerously close to her.  Another neighbor named Jason told us that some residents reported hearing up to 40 gunshots during the shooting incidents including at least one really loud sound that he described as “Ka-Bam”!  No suspect info was made available to ColoradoNews1.com as of this posting.  Shane Anthony reporting AuroraNews1.com

A Denver crime lab technician photographs a pickup with bullet holes in it. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
A pickup headrest has bullet holes ripped in it from gunfire. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
A 19 year old woman (far right) who was almost struck by gunfire looks on at the truck she was riding in. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Below is an exclusive slideshow of the shooting incident that almost struck a young couple in their pickup truck.  Photos by Shane Anthony AuroraNews1.com

Armed woman forces closure of I-70 near Agate CO 03/03/17

Map of I-70 near Agate CO –  Map courtesy Google Maps

03/03/17 Agate, CO – An armed woman exchanged gunfire with police officers in a dramatic standoff on this date on I-70 near Agate, CO.  The woman who was identified as 26 year old Jasmine Faith Delores Johnson held up in a car near I-70 mile marker 340 (between Deer Trail and Limon) after making threats to kill cops according to the Arapahoe County DA.  The standoff lasted about 3 hours as cops from numerous agencies moved in and surrounded the suspect in the car.  At numerous points during the standoff scanner radio traffic reported the suspect taking “pot shots” at law enforcement.   Shots were exchanged between the woman and cops during the incident but nobody was hit.  Armored “Bear Cat” vehicles were deployed to keep cops safe during the operation.  The incident ended with Johnson being taken into custody.  Johnson is being held without bond in Arapahoe County on an an unrelated previous warrant.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

A police roadblock near Deer Trail CO closes I-7O due to an armed standoff. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
I-70 is closed near Deer Trail CO due to an armed woman on the Interstate. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Aurora gunshot victim drives to hospital in private vehicle 03/03/17

03/03/17 Aurora, CO – A man who was an apparent gunshot victim decided not to wait for Aurora police or Fire Rescue on this date and instead showed up at a local hospital in a private vehicle.  The shooting was was reported to APD and Aurora Fire Rescue around 12:15AM on this date.  The shooting victim location initially came in as E. 23rd Ave and N. Peoria St.  While on the way to that scene with both lights and sirens, Aurora Fire was cancelled due to the fact that the victim had showed up at neighboring University Medical Center on his own accord.  When this reporter rolled up on the intersection of 23rd and Peoria nothing was to be found.  I did however track down several Aurora cops guarding a crime scene about 10 blocks north and east of the shooting call location.  That landed me in the 12500 block of E. 30th Ave.  I could not get any officers at that scene to confirm it was where the shooting took place, but do to its proximity to 23rd and Peoria, it was likely where the whole incident began.  No motive for the shooting was made available to ColoradoNews1.com  The condition of the victim is not known to us either at this time.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

Aurora cops guard a cime scene in the 12500 block of E. 30th Ave. which may be related to the March 3rd, 2017 shooting at 23rd and Peoria St.  Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Below cops stand by in the 12500 block of E. 3oth Ave.  Photos by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com


“Crazy” guy accosts man at Denver ATM machine 02/26/17

02/26/17 Denver, CO – Around 2PM today Denver police were dispatched to what initially came in as a robbery in-progress near the intersection of S. Colorado Blvd. and E. Mexico Ave.  Upon arrival District 3 cops found a man pinned to the ground by at least one other man near an ATM machine and the officers had to sort out the scene.  According to a man at the scene named “Mark” here’s what transpired: Mark was trying to use the ATM at the Chase bank when a man who was acting what he described as “crazy” approached him and asked for money.  When Mark refused the request, the man became aggressive and held up both of his hands in fists as if to start a fight and he asked again for money.  That’s when Mark decided enough was enough and he took the “crazy acting” guy to the ground and pinned him there until the DPD cavalry arrived.  Mark was uninjured in the incident but the “crazy guy” did receive a scratch on his head during the scuffle and he subsequently took an ambulance ride to the hospital.  I talked with Mark after the excitement as he once again used the ATM to finish the deposit he had been trying to make in the first place. He seemed unfazed by the whole Pro Wrestling ordeal as he wandered away with his ATM deposit receipt in hand.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

Denver cops and paramedics discuss the ATM incident that took place at Colorado and Mexico. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
The “crazy guy” gets loaded into a Denver Health ambulance by paramedics. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com



Denver serious injury motorcycle vs. car crash 4900 block Brighton Blvd. 02/25/17

02/25/17 Denver, CO – Denver police traffic investigators were called this evening to the scene of a serious injury motorcycle vs. car accident in the 4900 block of Brighton Blvd.  around 7PM on this date.  Denver traffic investigators known as “Tom-Cars” were busy photographing the scene when this reporter arrived on the scene.  A motorcycle on its side and a van were surrounded by yellow evidence markers on the pavement.  At least one individual was transported lights and siren to a local hospital by ambulance.  Denver “Tom-Cars” are typically called out for accidents involving serious bodily injury or death to the crash victims.  District  2 cops were slammed in a short time frame around the motorbike accident.  At about the same time as the motorcycle crash, DPD cops also responded several blocks north of that scene to Brighton Blvd. and N. Columbine St. on a report of a Chevy Suburban stuck on railroad tracks.  In that incident a train had to be stopped while a tow truck removed the stuck vehicle from its path.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

A Denver Police traffic investigator photographs a motorcycle on its side. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
A motorcycle is seen on its side in front of a van on Brighton Blvd. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Aurora shooting 1000 block of S. Mobile St. 02/25/17

02/25/17 Aurora, CO – Around 3:30PM on this date Aurora police and Aurora Fire Rescue responded to a report of a person with a gunshot wound in the 1000 block of S. Mobile St. in southeast Aurora.  The 911 report stated that a juvenile subject had been shot in the extremities.  Upon arrival at the scene this reporter noted numerous Aurora patrol cars in front of a house on a small cul-de-sac.  Numerous uniformed officers and several police shift supervisors were on the scene as well.  ColoradoNews1.com learned at the scene that APD detectives were being notified of the incident.  At least 1 individual was noted sitting in the back of a police car at the scene.  No other information has been made available to us about this incident by Aurora Police as of this posting.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

An Aurora Police Leutnant is surrounded by other officers at the shooting scene on S. Mobile St. Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
The shooting scene on S. Mobile St. in Aurora. Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
Aurora cops at the shooting scene on S. Mobile St. Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Fleeing Pickup truck narrowly misses home W. Colorado Ave. and S. Maybry Way 02/25/17

02/25/17 Denver, CO – Denver District 4 cops responded to the 1800 block of S. Maybry Way this afternoon on a call of a pickup truck into a masonry fence adjacent to a house.  The crash took place around 1:30PM today near the intersection of West Colorado Ave. and S. Maybry Way in southwest Denver.  Witnesses at the scene told us that the pickup was likely fleeing a separate car accident which had occurred at S. Federal Blvd. and W. Mexico Ave. (several blocks away) when it plowed into a fence adjacent to a home.  The home owner told us that his daughter was home at the time of the crash but she was luckily uninjured.  Witnesses further told us that the pickup was being chased by other civilians who followed it from the Federal Blvd. accident scene to the crash location on S. Maybry Way.  One bystander told us that 3 apparent juvenile suspects ( 1 male and 2 females) leapt from the pickup truck after the crashed into the fence and fled on foot in the neighborhood.  No injuries were reported at the truck into the fence scene and no arrests were made during the time this reporter was on the scene.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

Pickup into a fence at W. Colorado Ave. and S. Maybry Way. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
Truck into fence. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
A girl was home when this truck crashed through the fence in the front yard of this house. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com