Denver Narcs pinch 2 in Highland Neighborhood 29th and Zuni 07/13/17

A woman is taken into custody at 29th and Zuni. Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony

07/13/17 Denver, CO: Denver Narcotics Detectives and uniformed District 1 officers swooped in on 2 individuals today in the Highland Neighborhood during part of a larger narcotics surveillance and investigation.  Around 3:30PM today a car containing a man and woman was tailed by the cops from another location in the Highland Neighborhood which had been under surveillance.  Plain cloths narcotics detectives and uniformed cops in marked patrol cars boxed in the two car occupants at the intersection of W. 29th Ave. and N. Zuni streets.  Highland residents and people driving by the intersection were surprised by the dramatic car stop and the sudden appearance of numerous police officers.  The man and woman in the car were taken into custody without further incident.  Officers on the scene indicated to this reporter that at least one of the two suspects had an outstanding felony warrant for arrest.  Cops on the scene searched the suspect vehicle and found a substance which one officer described as a form of illegal narcotic.  No-one was injured in the arrests.  No other information is available as of this posting.  Shane Anthony reporting

Below are photos of the narcotics related car stop and arrests made in the Denver Highland Neighborhood this afternoon.  Exclusive photos by Shane Anthony

A male is taken into custody at 29th and Zuni. Photo by Shane Anthony
Cops pause with the female suspect.  Photo by Shane Anthony
A purse is searched at the scene by officers. Photo by Shane Anthony
Uniformed officers search a car.  Photo by Shane Anthony
Close up of the male in custody. Photo by Shane Anthony



Northwest Denver shooting injures one at 44th and Navajo 02/18/17

A young man in obvious shock at the the shooting scene sits by a patrol cop who takes a report.  Photo by Shane Anthony

02/18/17 Denver, CO – A shooting in northwest Denver in the Sunnyside Neighborhood seriously injured one man overnight on this date.  The shooting happened after 2AM near a children’s playground in a small park located at W. 44th Ave. and N. Navajo St.  A man phoned 911 to report a friend had been shot.  When District 1 police arrived they found a victim who had indeed been hit by gunfire and they immediately called for an ambulance.  The victim was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital by Denver Paramedics and Denver firefighters.  District 1 cops fanned out in the neighborhood to search for the gunman or gunmen.  When this reporter arrived in the vicinity of the shooting I observed 2 young men being detained by police on Pecos Street just north of the shooting location.  It is not known if the two detained men were arrested.  One young man on the edge of the park was obviously distraught and as he sat on the front bumper of a patrol car.  Denver investigators and crime lab technicians arrived at the scene a short time later to begin processing the scene for clues to the crime.  No other info regarding the shooting has been made available to us as of this posting.  Shane Anthony reporting

A cop walks thru the shooting scene. Photo by Shane Anthony

Below is a slideshow of the overnight shooting that took place at 44th Ave. and N. Navajo St. in Denver.  Exclusive photos by Shane Anthony