Violence erupts at 2 local night clubs in Denver 03/05/17

03/05/17 Denver, CO – Violence broke out early this morning at 2 separate night clubs in Denver sending at least 2 people to local hospitals.  Both incidents occurred close to bar closing time.  The first incident took place at the Proof Nightclub located in SE Denver at 7800 E. Hamden around 1AM.  Denver District 3 cops were called there lights and sirens to a report of a fight in the parking lot. Several police supervisors responded to the scene to sort things out.  When this reporter arrived on the scene I observed several large groups of people standing in the parking lot of the club.  Witnesses to the fight told me that one or more bar bouncers may have been involved in the alteration with a male bar patron.  I was also shown a car with dents in it where according to witnesses the fight had reportedly spilled over onto the car.  The condition of the brawl victim is not known to us as of this posting.

In a separate incident, around 2AM a person was reportedly shot in front of Club Vinyl at 1082 Broadway St. in downtown Denver.  District 6 police blocked off a large scene there while they investigated that occurrence.  No other info was made available to us about the shooting.  Shane Anthony reporting

A serious fight broke out early on this date outside the Proof nightclub in SE Denver. Photo by Shane Anthony
Proof nightclub patrons react to the brawl which took place in the parking lot of the club. Photo by Shane Anthony

Below is a slideshow of the Proof nightclub where a serious fight broke out   on 03/05/17 near closing time.  Photos by Shane Anthony



Below are photos of Club Vinyl in downtown Denver where a shooting took place outside at closing time on 03/05/17

Club Vinyl at 1082 Broadway in downtown Denver. Photo by Shane Anthony
Cops outside of Club Vinyl in Denver. Photo by Shane Anthony