Denver Colfax and Valentia shooting draws dozens of Cops 03/08/17

A suspect in the shooting at Valentia and Colfax is processed for evidence and arrested. Exclusive photo by Shane Anthony

03/08/17 Denver, CO – A shooting incident took place on this date in the 8300 block of E. Colfax Ave. (around N. Valentia St.).  The shooting occurred around 4:30PM today and sent one person to a local hospital by ambulance with lights and siren.  Scanner radio traffic described a dangerous and chaotic scene as multiple armed suspects may have fled the shooting scene.  An extremely large police presence took place at multiple scenes including the E. Colfax and Valentia St. shooting location.  A large team of Denver PD patrol cops, detectives, supervisors and crime scene techs responded to the numerous crime and evidence scenes.  Traffic was re-routed on Colfax in the area for several hours while police investigated the incident.  At one location of E. 13th Ave. and N. Ulster St. this reporter observed a suspect in handcuffs being processed for possible evidence by a Crime Lab technician.  No other info on the shooting is available as of this posting.  Shane Anthony reporting


Cops walk the E. Colfax shooting scene. Photo by Shane Anthony

Below is an exclusive slideshow of the Colfax and Valentia St. shooting scene on 03/08/17.  Photos by Shane Anthony


Author: Shane Anthony

Shane Anthony is a veteran Denver Photojournalist and Reporter of over 30 years. He loves the thrill of chasing a big breaking news story and bringing it to the viewing public.

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