Fleeing Pickup truck narrowly misses home W. Colorado Ave. and S. Maybry Way 02/25/17

02/25/17 Denver, CO – Denver District 4 cops responded to the 1800 block of S. Maybry Way this afternoon on a call of a pickup truck into a masonry fence adjacent to a house.  The crash took place around 1:30PM today near the intersection of West Colorado Ave. and S. Maybry Way in southwest Denver.  Witnesses at the scene told us that the pickup was likely fleeing a separate car accident which had occurred at S. Federal Blvd. and W. Mexico Ave. (several blocks away) when it plowed into a fence adjacent to a home.  The home owner told us that his daughter was home at the time of the crash but she was luckily uninjured.  Witnesses further told us that the pickup was being chased by other civilians who followed it from the Federal Blvd. accident scene to the crash location on S. Maybry Way.  One bystander told us that 3 apparent juvenile suspects ( 1 male and 2 females) leapt from the pickup truck after the crashed into the fence and fled on foot in the neighborhood.  No injuries were reported at the truck into the fence scene and no arrests were made during the time this reporter was on the scene.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

Pickup into a fence at W. Colorado Ave. and S. Maybry Way. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
Truck into fence. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
A girl was home when this truck crashed through the fence in the front yard of this house. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Denver disturbance with car into building Galena and Virginia 02/18/17

02/18/17 Denver, CO – An overnight disturbance in southeast Denver brought several District 3 cops to the 400 block of S. Galena Way near the Denver-Aurora border on this date.  Denver 911 received multiple calls apparently stemming from the same incident around 12:45AM today.  The emergency calls included a report of a disturbance, an auto into a building, and possible shots fired.  When this reporter arrived on the scene I observed several officers and firefighters surveying ground level damage to a multi-story apartment building.  Cops were taping off a large scene that included both the damaged building and a passenger car that was damaged as well.  No other information about the incident was made available to ColoradoNews1.com at the scene.  It is not known to us at this time who drove into the building or exactly what car they were driving at the time.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

Denver cops stand in front of a damaged apartment building. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
Police inspect a car that sustained damage in the incident. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Photos below show the scene of the car into building disturbance in the 400 block of S. Galena Way.  Photos by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Aurora car into house crash E. Kentucky Ave. and S. Norfolk St.

02/15/17 Aurora, CO – Around 8:30PM this evening Aurora Fire Rescue received a report of a car into a house accident in the 16400 block of E. Kentucky Ave.  Upon arrival fire command reported a residence with a car partially into the garage.  One person was transported by ambulance to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries as a result of the crash.  The fire department spent a couple hours shoring up the house with support timbers as a main structural beam had been damaged in the incident.  Aurora police and a building inspector were on the scene of the crash.  It is not know to us as of this posting why the car crashed into the house in the first place.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

An Aurora firefighter removes debris from a hole left in a house by a car that struck it. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com

Below is a slideshow of the auto vs. house in the 16400 Block of E. Kentucky Ave.  Photos by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com