“Crazy” guy accosts man at Denver ATM machine 02/26/17

02/26/17 Denver, CO – Around 2PM today Denver police were dispatched to what initially came in as a robbery in-progress near the intersection of S. Colorado Blvd. and E. Mexico Ave.  Upon arrival District 3 cops found a man pinned to the ground by at least one other man near an ATM machine and the officers had to sort out the scene.  According to a man at the scene named “Mark” here’s what transpired: Mark was trying to use the ATM at the Chase bank when a man who was acting what he described as “crazy” approached him and asked for money.  When Mark refused the request, the man became aggressive and held up both of his hands in fists as if to start a fight and he asked again for money.  That’s when Mark decided enough was enough and he took the “crazy acting” guy to the ground and pinned him there until the DPD cavalry arrived.  Mark was uninjured in the incident but the “crazy guy” did receive a scratch on his head during the scuffle and he subsequently took an ambulance ride to the hospital.  I talked with Mark after the excitement as he once again used the ATM to finish the deposit he had been trying to make in the first place. He seemed unfazed by the whole Pro Wrestling ordeal as he wandered away with his ATM deposit receipt in hand.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

Denver cops and paramedics discuss the ATM incident that took place at Colorado and Mexico. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com
The “crazy guy” gets loaded into a Denver Health ambulance by paramedics. Photo by Shane Anthony ColoradoNews1.com