Denver officer involved shooting Exposition and Newton 02/19/17

02/19/17 Denver, CO – Breaking News 2:04AM – What began as a call of a possible gunshots in the vicinity of W. Exposition Ave. and S. Newton St. ended up with Denver cops being involved in a shooting incident.  Denver District 4 police were called to the area around 10:30 this evening on a report of gunshots being heard.  When police arrived in the area they observed a man who cops at the scene radioed in was armed with a shotgun.  Around 10:45PM the call “Shots Fired-Shots Fired” erupted over the police radio and Denver cops from multiple districts ran code (lights and sirens) to assist at the scene.  A Denver paramedic ambulance was immediately dispatched to the scene as well with the initial report of shots-fired.  Within a few moments officers on the scene made it known to responding cover cars that no officers were hit.  A few moments after that cops on the scene said the allegedly armed suspect was not hit either.   When this reporter arrived on the scene I observed a Denver Health ambulance leaving the area no lights or siren.  Police had already secured the large crime scene with yellow tape and DPD investigators were already hard at work surveying the scene and taking pictures.  It is not know to us at this time what became of the allegedly armed man after the shooting incident.  We also don’t know who shot at whom in the incident.  One neighbor reported to that he heard 2 gunshots go “Pop Pop” from his home several houses down the street.  Denver police investigators are likely to spend several more hours processing the scene and gathering information related to the shooting incident.  Shane Anthony reporting

Denver Police Investigators process the officer involved shooting scene at Exposition and Newton. Photo by Shane Anthony
A Denver patrol cop lifts up crime scene tape at the shooting scene. Apparently nobody was hit by the gunfire.  Photo by Shane Anthony

Below is a slideshow of the officer involved shooting incident that took place 02/19/17 by W. Exposition Ave. and S. Newton St. in southwest Denver.  Exclusive photos by Shane Anthony