DPD Air-1 and other agencies nail armed suspect in Arvada 02/17/17

02/17/17 Arvada, CO – For the second night in a row a long nighttime airborne surveillance by Denver police helicopter unit “Air-1” has nabbed a dangerous criminal suspect.  This time the operation began in Denver District 4 with a sharp-eyed patrol cop calling in a description of a wanted green GMC Envoy which he had spotted.  The car had been “BOLO’d” (Be-On-The-Look-Out) the day before for previously running from the Denver cops.  Once again, (just as was the case last night), the cops on the ground and Air-1 showed great patience, restraint and determination as they shadowed the dangerous suspect vehicle around west Denver, downtown, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge and finally into Arvada.  The surveillance which had started around 11:45PM ended just over an hour later  at 12:53AM when the suspect exited his car and reportedly urinated in the parking lot of an apartment complex located in the 6400 block of Welch Court in Arvada.  Multiple ground troops from Denver, Arvada and other agencies rushed in to pounce (like a cat on a mouse) on the unsuspecting driver.  The man then briefly ran from the cops, tossing a gun to the side, and was quickly taken into police custody without further incident.  The gun was recovered by the officers at the scene and several passengers in his car were detained as well.  FYI criminals, you can run from “Air-1” but its pretty darned tough to hide!  Great work again Air-1 and all officers concerned!  Also kudos to all the 911 dispatchers who helped coordinate tonight’s apprehension.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com

Denver PD Helicopter Air-1 aids in arrest on I-225 02/16/17

02/16/17 Aurora, CO – Breaking News 1:12AM – A lengthy airborne police surveillance this evening has led to an arrest of at least 1 subject on I-225 in Aurora.  The vehicle was wanted by Broomfield Police for striking a Broomfield cop car and was spotted about an hour ago in Denver District 4.  Air-1, the helicopter support unit of the Denver Police Department picked up the car in southwest Denver and followed it discreetly in the dark of the night for an extended period of time.  At one point in time the vehicle, which traveled many miles around Metro Denver, was actively pursued on the ground by at least one outside police agency.  The car may have struck a second police car during its evening of lawlessness according to scanner traffic.  At 12:50AM the car became disabled in the southbound lanes of I-225 just south of I-70 and 2 occupants bailed out on foot.  Aurora PD, Denver PD and numerous other law enforcement units closed in on the bad guys and snatched them up without incident in a neighborhood just west of I-255 and south of I-70.  Hats off to all the cops concerned for keeping the Public safe on this one and still getting the crooks.  Special kudos to “Air-1” for yet another exceptional job of airborne law enforcement this evening.  Shane Anthony reporting ColoradoNews1.com